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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Planning Calculators for Cash Games and SNGs

If you find these calculators useful, please donate as little or as much as you want.. whatever they are worth to you.  10% of the donations go to charity.

1. Fields to enter data into are all tan.
2. The fields you enter data into for the Cash Planner are A4 to G4, J4 and J8.
3. The fields you enter data into for the DON Planner are A4 to G4, K4 to M4, and J19 to N19.
4. To calculate for regular SNGs/MTTs simply adjust the ITM % until the ROI in field I-5 matches your expected raw ROI for the input number of games per hour.
5. If you accidentally mess up a non data entry field, simply refresh the page.

Click on the tabs at the bottom of the calculator to switch between planners.
If you accidentally type into a non data entry field, refresh the blog to fix it.

Once you have donated, send me an email and I will forward you the full versions of both calculators in excel file format.  The file versions are slightly more user friendly and have more features.

As a semi-pro poker player I found myself frustrated time and time again by my inability to organize my time well to maximize both my pure hourly rate and the perks of the Pokerstars VIP system.  So I sat down and created these two calculators.
I am offering them free for unlimited use here. 

As a bonus, I included calculators for bankroll management, Kelly Criterion, and M. 

I hope these tools make your life a whole lot easier and thanks for visiting!

Email requests for the full version to
If you prefer to send money via Pokerstars transfer, email me.

Please be sure to comment and feel free to offer feature requests and/or ideas for future programs.

These calculators were designed for Pokerstars players, however, the pure hourly rate and many other features are still useful to someone playing on another site.  I am available to make custom calculators for whichever site you wish.  Just shoot me an email.